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Inflaming Bread?

May 23, 2007

While thinking about running 9 miles last weekend on the buttes in New Mexico I realized two things:

  1. I like covering the territory at running speed. It is better than faster (e.g. on bike or by car) because you get to see more detail. But, running is faster than walking so you get to move on to see the next thing sooner.
  2. And it is chemically addicting.  I feel good.

So, I was primed to "hear" Art’s take on foods we crave:

If there is anything "you can’t live without" you may actually be allergic to that food. An allergic response to a food will release adrenaline so that you feel a hit that is like a reward when you eat it. Bread is particularly allergenic if you are moderately celliac, yeast intolerant, or inflammed due to insulin resistance or obesity. These are all inflammatory processes, even obesity (which may be the worst), and are, therefore, allergenic. You are setting off your immune system and may suffer collaterol damage as it begins to attack your own tissues in addition to the alllergens. (link)

Maybe this doesn’t quite cover the whole field of food cravings, but my experience says it will be interesting to start paying attention to my experience here.

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