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Official Bolder Boulder Results In

May 31, 2007

The official BB results are up two days after the race.  Yesterday, the BB Web team implemented most of my suggestions (not necessarily due to my suggestioning them–they are pretty obvious, I think).  And a bit after noon yesterday, they had the results up.  I downloaded my offical time and splits to compare.

Mile 1:    00:07:24
Mile 2:    00:07:38
Mile 3:    00:07:59
Mile 4:    00:07:55
Mile 5:    00:07:31
Mile 6:    00:08:01
Total Time:    00:48:07

I knew before the race that I wanted to compare the official times to my own timing, so I was fairly rigorous in my lap-button pushing at each 1-mile station, yet my official time is fully 8 seconds faster than my watch time. A mystery…

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