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December 31, 2007

I was delighted by the Marco Polo bio.  I do not know much history from that period (1250-1290) so it was interesting to have some bits filled in between the episodes of a fairly exciting adventurer/travel story.  Recommended.


Ceremony is a very good novel and of special interest to me as I grew up near the Navajo reservation. John Maeda has some moments of genius.

Living from the Heart: Heart… Bair, Puran
Tibetan Yogas of Dream and S… Rinpoche, Tenzin Wangya
Innovation Nation… Kao, John
Psychoenergetic Science: A s… Tiller, William A. PhD
Road to Samarkand, The… O’Brian, Patrick
Ceremony… Silko, Leslie Marmon
Supercapitalism: The transfo… Reich, Robert B.
Marco Polo: From Venise to X… Bergreen, Laurence
Laws of Simplicity, The… Maeda, John
Supreme Court Explained, The… Greenberg, Ellen
True Films 2.0: 150 Great Do… Kelly, Kevin
Never Eat Alone: And other s… Ferrazzi, Keith

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