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Moleskine Fan II

February 2, 2008

I write in notebooks constantly for projects at work and at home.  I write essays, do calculations, take notes from books and keep work notes in them, so I have one or two with me all of the time. As I have confessed earlier, I am a Moleskine fanatic.

I don’t get this fussy about much else.  But when I got a glimpse of leather Moleskine covers from GFeller Casemakers in Meridian, ID, I couldn’t resist.  These are beautiful covers!

 Moleskine Cover Back

Moleskine Case  

The pics here show the cover for the small Moleskine notebook.  This is number 215 and was made by leathersmith Steve Derricott.


Moleskine cover imprint
GFeller Casemakers offers beautiful field cases too!



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