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September 1, 2008

I really enjoyed My Name is Red. It is a complicated mystery set in Istanbul and covers a lot of background on the history art in the Muslim world. It is very well done. Leinad Zeraus’ book is a fun ride, a mystery novel written especially for geeks.

Energize Your Heart: In 4 di… Bair, Puran and Susanna
My Name Is Red… Pamuk, Orhan
Open Road, The: The global j… Iyer, Pico
Daemon… Zeraus, Leinad
History of Last Night’s Drea… Kamenetz, Rodger
End of Certainty, The: Time,… Prigogine, Ilya
Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be … Keret, Etgar
Gnostic Gospels, The… Pagels, Elaine
Difference, The: How the pow… Page, Scott E.

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