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The MatchPort AR Missing Tutorial

September 10, 2008

MatchPort AR and Demo Kit

I wanted to be able to add an embedded Web server to my projects.

I chose the MatchPort AR because, with the same experience, hardware, and nearly the same software configuration, I would be able to move to a wireless solution with the MatchPort b/g Pro. (The MatchPort b/g uses a different OS.)

I wanted to get up to speed quickly, so I purchased the demo kit, thinking that would include all the software and hardware I would need to understand and learn how to use the MAR in a project of my own. This was more or less the case, but getting up to speed was much slower than expected.

I thought I would be up and running demo apps in an afternoon and off to my first project early the next morning. Instead, I spent hours understanding the paradigm assumed for the MAR, hunting down example code, working out details and trying to understand the MAR’s somewhat convoluted documentation.

I hope this tutorial gives the first-time embedded TCP/IP/HTTP server users a fast and straightforward introduction to the MAR. And maybe I can save more experienced users the hassle of tracking down the details of how the MAR can be coaxed into becoming a working embedded network component.

Download The MatchPort AR Missing Tutorial (PDF).

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