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Appreciation and Creation

January 1, 2009

Appreciation Adds Oxygen to the room.

Before you start to pick this claim apart, think the last time someone took the time and energy to honestly appreciate your contribution. If it was disingenuous, everyone knew. If it was manipulative, everyone could see that. If it was merely lip service, there wasn’t any hiding it. When you care about your own integrity and respect your colleagues, you won’t let yourself come across as pandering or sycophantic. So don’t spend much time thinking about the downside. Consider the benefits.

Appreciation makes space for the best ideas, highest aspirations and purest intentions to come into a conversation because:

Appreciation is opening ourselves to what we already love.

Appreciation is respectful to the affinities and intentions of co-creators.

Appreciation is the origin of motion from what is to what is immediately realizable.

Appreciation keeps co-creators honest.

Appreciation builds energy and makes welcoming space for evolving conversation.

Appreciation leaves the team better able to tackle the next challenge than when the last conversation started.

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