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Corruption and democracy – Lessig Lecture

September 10, 2009

Lawrence Lessig has shown up here before because I think he is an important political and legal thinker. His latest book, Remix, was humorously illustrated on Colbert and Lessig provided an early explanation of Sarah Palin’s political “qualifications.”

In 2007, he announced he was moving from focusing his work on copyright to focusing on corruption. The last chapter of Remix hints at how his focus moved to corruption during the 10-tyear period he spent working on copyright.

The presentation embedded below is a little old and I am sure Lessig’s thinking has advanced since this was posted, but it is still a relevant introduction and a clear framing of why this question matters very much to the future of democracy. (It is not about Al Gore, even though that is the static screen capture shown for the video by Google Videos.) Presentation

Corruption Alpha

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