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Learning and games

January 12, 2010

EO Wilson: “Games are the future in education. I envision visits to different ecosystems that the student could actually enter…with an instructor. They could be a rain forest, a tundra, or a Jurassic forest.”  (hat tip GG).  Games are the way humans did it for thousands of years (up to a few hundred ago); they are how we will do it in the future.  To acquire the complex science, math, social, economic, etc. skills that a crowded, connected fast moving world requires, we will have to get to a superior mix of fun, curiosity and content with simultaneous mental, physical and emotional engagement integrated and pushed to the limit.  The “golden age” of pounding the 3Rs into kids orderly and quietly sitting at rows of desks will fade away as the dark age of the beginning of ubiquitous education…


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