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Residential energy monitoring payback?

February 19, 2010

Last year I made a cocktail-napkin calculation of the payoff challenges of home energy monitoring.  My question then was whether the granularity of measurement required to make energy decisions in the home was mismatched to the amount energy used, and therefore, the amount that could be saved.  It seems others are arriving at this question at even a slightly higher level of granularity–the (smart) meter.

From earth2tech comes an article on California utilities struggling to get data to customers. The last paragraph brings up the challenge of payoff periods being out of line with available savings,

There are signs that the smart meter backlash is spreading beyond California —Duke Energy is being ordered by Indiana regulators to justify the costs of an 800,000 smart meter deployment in that state, and Dominion Virginia Power is delaying a $600 million smart meter rollout to do more testing, after state regulators questioned whether the meters will cost customers more in increased rates than they will help them save in reduced energy usage.

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