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Dear Author Survey Results

March 18, 2010

In February, Dear Author sponsored a survey of readers with lots of questions about eReaders and eBooks.  I found the the survey because TeleRead encouraged their readers to take the survey as well.  Dear Author is community minded and released the raw results (kudos!) as well as a brief set of slides from a presentation they gave.

To do something beside coast on the hard work of others, I spent a few nights working up the results from the survey.  My motivation was to dig into the questions about eReader functionality and eBook piracy.  Dear Author was kind enough to give me permission to put some of the results here.  Check in over the next few days for posts on observations conclusions from the survey data.

In the meantime, here are the complete results from the survey.  Enjoy!

Dear Author 2010 Survey Report (pretty charts and such)

If you prefer to see the data at one of the lower levels, visit one of these.

Dear Author 2010 Survey raw data download

Dear Author simple report (mine, text)

Dear Author cross tab (mine, csv)


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